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We will capture your video through an analog to digital video converter. Our converter will also allow us to color correct and enhance the video signal while capturing.

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Edit the DVD – We remove bad frames, shaky video, and any video that may have nothing to do with the subject. We can then add color correction, image stabilization, and effects such as wipes and fades where applicable. We have an extensive library of royalty-free backgrounds, transitions, wipes, overlays, and music to enhance your video.

Encode The DVD – We use the highest quality encoding that will fit all of the video onto one DVD disc.

Authoring the DVD – The final DVD will contain a menu and chapter points, which will allow you to jump to scenes within the DVD. If there are enough scenes in the video chapter menus will be added.

Burn the DVD – Each DVD disc set comes with 2 dvds – one master DVD with a printed label, and one backup DVD. Both DVDs are burned using the same process, but will be different brands. We use only high quality Taiyo Yuden Premium and Verbatim blank DVD media.

PACKAGE The DVD – The DVD is packaged in a professional hard plastic case with a label and case insert.